IPUMS NAPP: Version 2.2

Minnesota Population Center. North Atlantic Population Project: Complete Count Microdata: Version 2.2 [dataset]. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, 2015. https://doi.org/10.18128/D040.V2.2


The North Atlantic Population Project (NAPP) provides integrated census data describing the population of the North Atlantic world in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. NAPP includes complete count censuses and samples of census data of Canada, Great Britain, Iceland, Mecklenburg-Schwerin (in Germany), Norway, Sweden, and the United States. To facilitate comparative and cross temporal analysis, NAPP assigns uniform codes across all censuses and brings relevant documentation into a coherent form. NAPP is a collaborative project carried out at the Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota, in conjunction with several international partners: University of Ottawa, Université de Montréal, University of Essex, Statistics Iceland, University of Iceland, National Archives of Sweden, Stockholms stadsarkiv, Umeå University, University of Bergen, University of Tromsø, National Archives in Oslo, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, University of Rostock, and the Landeshauptarchiv (State Main Archive) Schwerin. NAPP data are available to qualified researchers free of charge through a web dissemination system.


Data are available by request to registered IPUMS-NAPP users. Please contact ipums@umn.edu. Archived versions of the data have been stored in fixed format files with accompanying documentation and set-up files. The full data set has been broken into appropriate subsets reflecting the content and usage of the data.

Revision history

IPUMS-NAPP data are continually revised. We archive annual snapshots and document changes between snapshots. The changes made to Version 2.2 before we archived Version 2.3 occurred between 6-14-2016 and 10-25-2017 on the current revisions page [https://www.nappdata.org/napp/revision_history.shtml].