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Using IPUMS data in R with the ipumsr package

Oct 12, 2021

10:00AM CT

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ipumsr is a free and open-source R package for reading IPUMS data into R, working with IPUMS metadata, and interacting with the forthcoming IPUMS microdata APIs.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate:

- How to read your IPUMS data extract into R
- How to explore metadata such as variable labels, variable descriptions, and value labels
- How to manipulate IPUMS value labels to fit the needs of your analysis
- How to read IPUMS geographic shapefiles and merge them with your extract data

The webinar will also include an update on the soon-to-be-released IPUMS microdata extract API, which will allow users to submit extract requests and download extract files from IPUMS USA right from their R session!

In the interest of time, we will not cover the basics of using R, but R users of all experience levels are encouraged to join (if you're completely new to R, one good introductory guide is Getting Started with Data in R). We also will not demonstrate how to create a data extract on the IPUMS website. To learn more on that topic, check out the IPUMS tutorial page, which has links to tutorials on creating a data extract for specific IPUMS data projects.

2021 IAPHS Conference

Oct 19, 2021 to Oct 21, 2021

IPUMS will be exhibiting at the 2021 IAPHS Conference "Racism, Power, and Justice: Achieving Population Health Equity".

GSA 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting

Nov 10, 2021 to Nov 13, 2021

IPUMS will be hosting a symposium "Leveraging Free, Public Use Data for Aging and Life Course Research" during the GSA 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting on November 13 and a webinar on October 26th.