IPUMS is made possible through the collaboration of many talented and dedicated people. This listing includes current full-time research and IT/technical staff members. IPUMS also receives support from the ISRDI administrative team. For more comprehensive listings, including principal investigators, faculty researchers, advisory boards, student research assistants, and former staff, please see individual project staff pages.

Primary Contacts

Questions about IPUMS data and documentation should be directed to IPUMS User Support. Ideas for potential collaborations or other project-level questions may be directed to the project contacts.

IPUMS User Support: 


Director of IPUMS: 

Steve Ruggles (ruggles@umn.edu)

Links on each project name will take you to the more comprehensive project-specific staff page.

Research Staff

Daniel Backman, U.S. Microdata
Anna Bolgrien,International Microdata
Etienne Breton, Senior Data Analyst
Derek Burk, International Microdata
Annie Chen, U.S. Microdata
Lara Cleveland, International Microdata
Grace Cooper, Sr. U.S. Microdata
Gretchen Corcoran, International Microdata
Julia Rivera Drew, U.S. Microdata
Daniel Ehrlich, International Microdata
Catherine Fitch, U.S. Microdata
Sarah Flood, U.S. Microdata
Amy Grotsun, User support
Matt Gunther, International Microdata
Quinn Heimann, International Microdata
Jonas Helgertz, U.S. Microdata
Miriam King, International Microdata
Katherine Knowles, Aggregate-Spatial
Devon Kristiansen, International Microdata
Tracy Kugler, Aggregate-Spatial
Jane Lee, International Microdata
Rodrigo Lovaton Davila, International Microdata
Diana Magnuson, International Microdata
Mehr Munir, International Microdata
Matthew Nelson, U.S. Microdata
Nesile Ozder, International Microdata
Stephanie Richards, U.S. Microdata
Finn Roberts, Aggregate-Spatial
Renae Rodgers, U.S. Microdata
Sula Sarkar, International Microdata
Megan Schouweiler, U.S. Microdata
Jonathan Schroeder, Aggregate-Spatial & U.S. Microdata
Matthew Sobek, US & International Microdata
James Vagasky, U.S. Microdata
David Van Riper, Aggregate-Spatial
Kari Williams, User support 
Tsu Zhu,  IHGIS

IT and Technical Staff

Canin Apriori, Product Team
Poornendu Attupurath Narayanan, Data Team
Li Dai, IT Operations Team

Colin Davis, Data Team

Daniel Elbert, Product Team

Fran Fabrizio, IT Director

Phaedrus Goray, Product Team

Josiah Grover, Data Team
Riley Harper, Data Team

Kevin Horne, Data Team

Lap Huynh, Historical U.S. Census Team

Willy Lee, IT Operations Team Lead

Alex McWhinnie, Product Team Lead
Nikita Narendra Nayak, Data Team

Marcus Peterson, Product Team
Natalie Prittinen, Data Team Manager  

Casey Sass, Web Product Team

Kyohei Yazawa, Product Team