IPUMS IHGIS: Version 1

Steve Manson, Tracy A. Kugler, Jonathan Schroeder, David Van Riper, Steven Ruggles. IPUMS International Historical Geographic Information System: Version 1 [dataset]. Minneapolis, MN: IPUMS. 2020. http://doi.org/10.18128/D120.V1


The International Historical Geographic Information System (IHGIS) provides data tables from statistical publications of population and housing censuses and agricultural censuses from around the world. Topics covered vary by census. Population and housing censuses typically cover topics such as demographic characteristics, household structure, education, economic activity, migration, and physical characteristics of dwellings. Agricultural censuses typically cover topics such as type and size of farms, area and yield of various crops, number and type of livestock and other animals, access to resources and services, planting and irrigation practices, and farm employees. IPUMS IHGIS covers twenty-nine countries and includes data tables from twenty-two population censuses and eleven agricultural censuses, along with GIS-compatible boundary files that can be used to map the data.


Past versions of data are available by request to registered IPUMS-IHGIS users. Please contact ipums@umn.edu. Archived versions of the data have been stored in fixed-format files with accompanying documentation and index files.


IPUMS-IHGIS data are continually revised. We archive annual snapshots and document changes between snapshots. The changes made to Version 1 before we archived Version 2 occurred between 10-19-2020 and 2-21-2023 as documented in the IPUMS-IGHIS Revision History.