IPUMS DHS: Version 4

Elizabeth Heger Boyle, Miriam King, and Matthew Sobek. IPUMS-Demographic and Health Surveys: Version 4 [dataset]. Minnesota Population Center and ICF International, 2017. https://doi.org/10.18128/D080.V4


The IPUMS-DHS project harmonizes Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) data and documentation for Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia to facilitate comparative research across time and countries. The DHS are the main source of information on health in low- and middle-income countries. IPUMS-DHS is designed to facilitate analysis of DHS data across time and space. IPUMS-DHS adds value to the original DHS samples in the following ways: variables are coded consistently across countries and over time; web-based search and discovery tools display variable availability across surveys; documentation is organized on a cross-survey, variable-specific basis; and researchers can merge files and create customized datasets using a web dissemination system, at no cost. The current version of IPUMS-DHS includes data on women respondents, their children under age 5, and their births.


Data are available by request to registered IPUMS-DHS users. Please contact ipums@umn.edu. Archived versions of the data have been stored in fixed format files with accompanying documentation and set-up files. The full data set has been broken into appropriate subsets reflecting the content and usage of the data.

Revision history

IPUMS-DHS data are continually revised. We archive annual snapshots. The changes made to Version 4 before we archived Version 5 occurred between 11-02-2017 and 7-24-2018.