IPUMS Higher Ed: Version 1.0

Minnesota Population Center. IPUMS Higher Ed: Version 1.0 [dataset]. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, 2016. https://doi.org/10.18128/D100.V1.0


IPUMS Higher Ed integrates the data from the Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System (SESTAT), a database developed by the National Science Foundation. The database provides demographic, educational, employment, and earnings data about scientists and engineers in the United States. The data are derived from three survey: the National Survey of College Graduates, the Survey of Doctorate Recipients, and the National Survey of Recent College Graduates. The three surveys are fielded at the same time, questions common among the surveys have the same reference period, and have a similar target population (non-institutionalized individuals under the age of 76 with a bachelor's degree or higher). IPUMS Higher Ed is not a collection of compiled statistics; it is individual-level microdata and researchers must use a statistical package to analyze the millions of records in the database. IPUMS Higher Ed is available through an online data access system free of charge to registered users at highered.ipums.org.


Data are available by request to registered IPUMS-HIGHER ED users. Please contact ipums@umn.edu. Archived versions of the data have been stored in fixed format files with accompanying documentation and set-up files. The full data set has been broken into appropriate subsets reflecting the content and usage of the data.

Revision history

IPUMS-HIGHER ED data are continually revised. We archive annual snapshots and document changes between snapshots. The changes made to Version 1.0 before we archived Version x.x occurred between 8-2-2016 and 10-25-2017 on the current revisions page [https://highered.ipums.org/highered/revisions].