IPUMS Research Awards

This award honors the best research that uses IPUMS data to advance or deepen our understanding of social and demographic processes. Cash prizes will be awarded for best published work and best graduate student work (published or unpublished) in four categories, for a total of 8 awards:

  • USA: Best paper using data from IPUMS USA and/or IPUMS CPS.
  • International: Best paper using data from IPUMS International and/or the North Atlantic Population Project (NAPP).
  • Health Surveys: Best paper using National Health Interview Series data from IPUMS Health Surveys.
  • Spatial (new category for 2017): Best paper using data from NHGIS and/or IPUMS Terra.

Previous Award Winners

IPUMS will email all those who submitted a paper with results of the award by May 25, 2018.

Next year's award will be opened November 2018.